Microdermabrasion Facial Treatment nyc,

This advanced effective special skin care treatment for rejuvenation of all kinds of skin type by using High-tech equipment called Crystal-Peel,Results:Removing all damaged and dead skin cells,reduces fine lines,wrinkles,improves acne scarring,removes excessive oil, leaves skin silky, smooth, fresh, young looking and most importantly healthy.
Only $99.00 Regular price is $150.00
PAPAYA Mango Facial only $145.00 Reg.Price $200
Papaya Mango Facial
Special facial for Summer, discounted from $200.00 for only $145.00, Please take advantage of this limited discount facial treatment.

Papaya Mango Exfoliating Facial treatment for Oily to Acne skin. Using special applications of Collagen Alginate, Papaya Extract – and Amino Acids
Papaya fruit contains Papain, a proteolytic enzyme that digests proteins of the dead cells located in the upper layers 0f the stratum corneum. This facial treatment also provides a regenerating factor promoting the turnover of the skin cells. It encourages Arginine and Proline synthesis, two amino acids know for activating dead skin cells.

Le Cachet Facial Treatment.
This is a well designed SUMMER facial, perfect for combination or sensitive skin. Calming skin rejuvenation and cleansing help to hydrate and purify your skin.
(Must have it for summer)

Special Price $125.00 Regular Price $150.00

Pulse Light Facial Therapy,
Loose your unwanted lines

Look 5 to 10 years Younger by receiving Le Cachet Holistic Skin Care advanced Pulse Light Facial Therapy.

Rid yourself of rosacea,wrinkles,lines and folds,age spots,sun damage,coarse skin and large pores. Unsightly Blemishes,Dilated Capillaries and acne rosacea. Le Cachet holistic body and skin care spa in New York City, using the state of the art Pulse light therapy,utilizes the amazing benefits of Diode Light therapy to restore the skin natural cellular activity.
The procedure is administered over a 4- 6 week period in series of 4-6 treatments lasting about 30-min.each.
There's no recovery time and treatments provide a gradual, natural improvement from the first session. The entire treatment is very safe while providing excellent long term benefits with high rate of success.

Special Price of $85.00 Regular Price $100.00

Brazilian Bikini Waxing
Brazilian Bikini Waxing, Special Offer :$39.00, Regular Price $65.00 ( for new clients only.)

Brazilian Bikini Waxing in NYC

Full Body Swedish Massage
Enjoy your full body massage treatment in New York City, at Le Cachet Day Spa.
We use only organic natural aroma massage oils in a romantic, relaxing setting in candle light rooms.

Special Price $95.00 (Regular price $135.00)

Laser Hair Removal Discounts
For Women:

*Side of the face $75.00 Reg. $100.
*Lip or chin $75.00 Reg. $85.00
*Bikini Line $99.00 Reg. $150.00
*Half Arm $99.00 Reg. $150.00
*Under Arm $75.00 Reg. $100.00

These laser offers, for first time customers and first treatments only.
Please, mention these special offers, when you making an appointment.

Please call us at 212-448-9823

Day Spa Package Discounts
Spa Combo Package

1.Full Body Mud Wrap(from the Dead Sea)In a Special Computerized Thermal Blanket.
2.Followed by a wonderful 60 Min. Full Body Aromatherapy Massage. Using a Blend of Organic Essential Massage Oils.

Special Price for ONLY : $225.00 Regular Price $285.00