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Please note, we specialize in treating mild to severe acne skin conditions.
Acne treatment at Le Cachet Holistic Skin Care Spa in New York City is well known in the industry as one of the most advanced skin care center specializing in the treatments of vulgaris acne.Using the most advanced skin care technologies, as well as the traditional holistic approach to treat acne problem skin. Many of our clients who turns to us,are clients,who have just finished long term acne treatments with dermatologist.After swallowing a tremendous amount of antibiotics, using medicated creams and lotions,unfortunately without any long term success. Most of the people suffering acne skin problems, are back where they have started from, acne, scars, damaged and blemished skin.

At Le Cachet Skin Care Center in New York City, our aestheticians are trained to treat successfully from mild to full blown acne,able to take the most difficult acne skin conditions, just to accomplish a very high rate of success, by developing a series of customized skin care treatments, without using any chemicals or antibiotics. After our individualized Acne treatments, your acne becomes just history.

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