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Teenage Acne Treatment in New York City |10018
Le Cachet Skin Care Center specializes in teenage acne treatments.
Between 6-8 weeks w/blue light and acne complex treatments,acne becomes history.
Teenage Acne is among the top skin condition diagnosed in the United States, affecting nearly 80% of the teenage population in various forms, and roughly 40% of adolescents have acne severe enough requiring medical treatments such as antibiotics or blue light therapy. Acne continues to be the most sought out reason why patients seek the help of a dermatologist or skin care centers specializing in acne treatments. It has been long thought that diet and stress were the primary factors leading to breakouts. However, studies have shown that acne is caused by physiological factors such as hormones, bacteria, and excess oil. Acne eruptions are caused by bacteria known as P. acnes (porphyrins).
When porphyrins become exposed to Blue Light treatment the wavelengths produce free radicals that kill the bacteria. By eliminating the P. acnes that cause inflammation, the acne breakout decreases.
There are many acne treatment options for teenagers such as over-the-counter topical treatments (skin care products), however, often times these products are limited to managing mild acne. Prescription drugs and several other antibiotics are another option, although there are many unacceptable side effects and high rates of recurrence.
One of the newest, most cutting edge treatment options with the least amount of side effects is the use of Blue Light therapy.
Many teenagers experiencing a resistance to antibiotics over time, making the Blue Light therapy treatments a wonderful alternative. In addition, the Blue Light therapy is great for managing mild to severe acne. Blue light therapy consists of one or two 20 minute sessions a week for a total of 5 weeks. While results will vary among individuals some patients report acne free skin for up to two years. It is highly recommended that teenagers with acne undergo follow up treatments one to two times a month or more when necessary in the case of flare-ups.
Customized Acne facial treatment 60Min. $200.00
Please call for a free consultation at 212-448-9823

All three treatments only for $245.00 Regular price $550.00 Including the following Acne Treatments:

We offer a special Discount for Teenage Acne facial treatments for first time clients. Each treatments consist of three intensive advanced acne treatments.
1.Deep pore Acne facial (including glycolic acid or any fruit enzyme peel, determined by the Cosmetologist during the Skin consultation.
2.Determined Enzyme peel treatment specifically for your skin type.
3.Advance Blue Light Acne treatment.
If you purchase a series of 6 treatments package,(each package consist of 3 treatments) which we highly recommend, we will give you the entire acne package for only $245.00 each, and the Blue Light treatment for Free - value of $150.00 Plus an other $100.00 Discounts!!!!!!!!
All three treatments only for $245.00 Regular price $550.00 Including the following Acne Treatments:
Regular Price per Treatment:
1.Acne facial $200.00 Acne Deep Pore cleansing.
2.Acne enzyme peel $2000.00
3.Acne Blue Light treatment $150.00
Total of the three treatments $550.00 Your Savings is $305.00
Take advantage of this special limited offer for only $245.00 save $305 per package treatment.
Please note, this is a limited offer!!!! for first time clients only.

You can have any of the treatments INDIVIDUALLY, NOT AS A PACKAGE. We will still give you 50% Discounts, on each treatment.
To get this special price you must bring a print out of this offer.

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