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Le Cachet Day Spa and Laser Center 519, 8 AVENUE,NEW YORK, N.Y. 10018 BETWEEN 35-36 ST. "LUXE DEN" Telephone: 212-448-9823 Hours of Operations: Seven Days, from 11AM-8PM

Skin Care Treatment New York City, NY |10016

Facial Skin Care Treatments

Le Cachet Holistic Skin Care Center NYC, has been recognized by the Skin Care Industry as New York, most advanced Skin Care Spa, providing advanced facials, for men and women, in need of more than just pampering their faces.
Le Cachet Skin Care NYC,specializes in troubled,sensitive, and stubborn skin type’s, using a well planned Europien customized facial, approach for each and every individual client .
At Le Cachet skin care in New York City, we use organic skin care, products like, Eminence organic skin care,
All of our enzyme peels, deep pore peel, are from fruits and vegetable derived. Our New York Skin Care Spa, conveniently located in the heart of Manhattan,
There is no acne skin problems, that we could not successfully treat, and eventually get rid off for good.
The use of the most advanced skin care, technology at Le Cachet, has undoubtedly contributed to our great success, like the Jet Peel facial,presently is the only skin care spa, offers such treatment,in New York City, Blue Light, Cure Light, Microdermabrasion, IPL, Pulse Light Therapy,Computerized Lymphatic facial treatment, for face and body, variety of skin peel's, and most importantly our highly trained personnel, who will first conduct a full spectrum of skin analysis, before deciding what product to be used as well as what kind of facial, you will need. This approach guaranties our success, as well the successful skin care treatments, of our clients year after year.
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