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Le Cachet Day Spa and Laser Center 519, 8 AVENUE,NEW YORK, N.Y. 10018 BETWEEN 35-36 ST. "LUXE DEN" Telephone: 212-448-9823 Hours of Operations: Seven Days, from 11AM-8PM

Pulse Light Therapy,in New York City NYC

Look 5 to 10 years Younger by receiving Le Cachet Holistic Skin Care advanced Pulse Light Facial Therapy.
Rid yourself of rosacea,wrinkles,lines and folds,age spots,sun damage,coarse skin and large pores. Unsightly Blemishes,Whiteheads,Blackheads,Dilated Capillaries and acne rosacea.Le Cachet holistic body and skin care spa in New York City, using the state of the art Pulse light therapy,utilizes the amazing benefits of Diode Light therapy to restore the skin’s natural cellular activity.
The procedure is administered over a 4- 6 week period in series of 4-6 treatments lasting about 30-min.each.
There's no recovery time and treatments provide a gradual, natural improvement from the first session. The entire treatment is very safe while providing excellent long term benefits with high rate of success.
Price: $100.00 Per Treatment.

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The treatment is Specially effective at improving the appearance of the face , neck, and chest, by reducing signs of aging,wrinkles and age spots.
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The process called Light Therapy Rejuvenation, can smooth away wrinkles,erase age spots and relives the symptoms of Rosacea.Treatments are available at Le Cachet Holistic Skin Care Spa New City.

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