Full Service New York Holistic Day Spa, providing services for men and women, using organic skin care and spa products. Day and half Day's Spa packages, facials using vitamins, fruits and vegetable derived products, Full body Crystal Scrubs, Body massages, Seaweed body wraps, Manicure, Pedicure, in a high-tech massage Jacuzzi chairs. Le Cachet Spa signature the RejuvCocoon Thermal full body detox treatment.
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Full Body Detox Treatment NYC,

21-st Century Space Technology Full Body Oxygen Cellulite and De-Tox Treatment

The Worlds first effective full body Cellulite and de-tox treatment in New York City, without any side effects or swallowing any products, de-tox treatment for men and women.
The RejuvThermal is a full body automated computerized Space technology, advanced full body treatment, removal of excess water, toxins, cellulites, increase of blood circulations and many other therapeutic benefits.
For people suffering chronicle acne for many years, the use of The RejuvThermal treatment will eliminate toxins deep within the body, including the pAcne bacteria most responsible for acne trough out the body.

Detox Treatment NYC
RejuvThermal Cocoon
69.Le Cachet RejuvThermal Oxygen Body Treatment, 1hour
Price: $265.00
Special offer, for only $110.
This offer starts December 24, 2015 - Expires on January 30-th.2016
The RejuvThermal treatment, is the most advanced de-tox technology of the Twentieth Century. This full body treatment for men and women based upon the purifying effects of molecular oxygen and micronized algae, now used in hospitals and spas in Europe and Asia.
This unique treatment brought to you by the Le Cachet Holistic Spa team of experts, incorporates five very important treatments during one session:

1.Fresh aqueous extracts,
2.Ionized vapor, with steam aprx.125F
3.Pure oxygen released to the entire body,
4.Fresh micronized seaweed applications to the entire body.
5.A vigorous water massage to stimulate your blood circulation while oxygen is being delivered to all parts of the body.

Relieves stress, detoxifies the body, delays the aging process, assists in slimming and maximizes rejuvenation. This process is an extreme anti-stress, anti-aging and anti cellulite treatment.
Especially beneficial for frequent fliers.(Jet lag special)do to the fact, that during treatment replenishes all oxygen loss during the flight.

This unique treatment only available in New York City, at Le Cachet Day Spa and Laser Center.
39 East 30-th Street. New York NY 10016.
You can call for an appointment at: 212-448-9823

72. Combo-Aromatherapy Massage with Panthermal Bath, 2 Hours, Therapeutic Pampering Treatment, for only $285.00
Relaxing combination of 1 hour Panthermal Full Body Oxygen treatment and followed by a 1hour, Aromatherapy full body massage, represents the excellence of therapeutic experience. Le Cachet Panthermal full body de tox is a full body treatment which harnesses the purifying effects of molecular oxygen.This unique treatment incorporates fresh aqueous extracts,pure oxygen and seaweed applications to relieve stress,delay the aging process, assist in slimming and maximize rejuvenation.(Especially helpful for jet lag)Followed by a 1hour full body aromatherapy massage. Only pure organic essential oils are used during this pleasurable pampering.
Essential oils are one of the oldest remedies to relieve sore muscles.
Series of 10 receive 2 for free.

Body Detox treatment NYC