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Microdermabrasion Treatments NYC|10016.

New York City, most advanced skin care microdermabrasion treatments

Le Cachet Skin Care NYC|10016 specializes in microdermabrasion treatments, problem skin conditions and acne treatments, using the most advanced skin care technology and holistic approach.

63.Microdermabrasion Treatment nyc face only Price $150.00
This advanced effective special skin care treatment for rejuvenation of all kinds of skin type by using High-tech equipment called “Crystal-Peel”,Results:Removing all damaged and dead skin cells,reduces fine lines,wrinkles,improves acne scarring,removes excessive oil, leaves skin silky, smooth, fresh, young looking and most importantly healthy. Series of 5 receive 1 for free.

64.Crystal Resurfacing (Facial only) Price $85.00
This gentle effective exfoliation treatment using Microdermabrasion crystals MANUALLY,with Magnesium Oxide Crystals combined with grapefruit acid,(fruit acid) will remove damaged dead skin cells,dark pigmentations,discolored skin pigmentations caused by the sun, wind,and the environment.Smoothes out premature wrinkles,some cases age spots.
Followed by a proper organic mask.
Your skin will be light and rejuvenated.
(We also call it "Le Cachet Miracle Crystals")

64.aSkin Resurfacing Upper arm:Price $75.00 Hands:$35.00

Using manual Microdermabrasion Crystals.
Removes all dead skin cells,leaves your skin-pores clean,healthy so your skin could bread and receive badly needed oxygen to regenerate new skin cells.

64b.Crystal Resurfacing Back only Price $135.00

This gentle effective treatment using Microdermabrasion Crystals MANUALLY, with Magnesium Oxide Crystals,combined with Grapefruit acid,(fruit acid) will clean off dead skin cells,Acne causing spots,some cases age spots. Will make your skin light, rejuvenated and free of unwanted particles.
Especially designed for full back microdermabrasion manual treatment.

64c.Full Back Microdermabrasion Treatment in New York City Price $250.00
Removal of all existing dead skin cells by using High-tech equipment called “Crystal-Peel”,
This gentle effective special skin care treatment for rejuvenation of all kinds of skin type.Removes all dead skin cells,reduces stretch marks,improves, prevents and heals acne prone skin,scarring,removes excessive oil, leaves skin silky, smooth,young looking and most importantly healthy. Series of 5 receive 1 for free.

At Home Professional Microdermabrasion Treatment.