Le Cachet Day Spa and Laser Center
39 East 30-th Street, New York N.Y.10016 Telephone: 212-448-9823
Hours of Operations: Seven Days, from 11AM-8PM

Day Spa Services for Him in New York City |10016

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Body Massages.

Deep Tissue European Massage 30 min. $85.00 1 Hour$135.00
Deep tissue Massage has been used for years to soothe tired muscles,improve skin and muscle tone and increase blood circulation.
Series of 10 receive 1 for free.
Aromatherapy Massage,30 minutes.$75.00
1 hour $135.00
Relaxing and therapeutic, this unique massage relies upon the healing power of essential oils, one of the oldest remedies to relieve sore muscles. Only pure distilled essential oils are used during this pleasurable massage experience. Series of 10 receive 1 for free.

Swedish Massage, 30 minutes. $75.00
1 hour $135.00
Swedish Massage has been used for years to soothe tired muscles, improves skin and muscle tone, increases blood circulations.
Series of 10 receive 1 for free
Body Scrub
30 min $95.00
Full body scrub with Le Cachet Organic Mango Fruit scrub.
Eliminates all dead and damaged skin cells, leaves your
skin fresh, smooth and healthy.
Combination Massage 1 hour $160.00
Ancient massage using organic oils, made out of blend of six healing flowers, Relives tensions in the back, shoulders,and neck. This massage is excellent for elimination of toxins,improves body circulation alleviating stiffness and fatigue.
Series of 5 receive 1 for free.

Deluxe Massage ( Swedish, Aroma Therapy and Deep Tissue )
90 min $185.00
The Ultimate massage a combination of three important techniques of massages incorporated in to 1.5 hours intense relaxation and a full body work, to enhance and address your bodies entire needs.
Series of 5 receive 1 for free.
Exclusive Facial for Men

Skin Care Treatments NYC
Your skincare consultant will choose the perfect facial treatment for your particular skin type. This is a well customized facial, incorporating exfoliation, hydration and deep pore cleansing, using manual microdermabrasion crystals, followed by an Elastin + Collagen mask to increase the texture and elasticity of the skin. Series of 6 receive 1 for free.
Laser Hair Removal For Men please see Prices by clicking on the picture.
Laser Hair Removal for Men