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Cosmetic Laser Acne treatment in NYC,|10016

Please note, we specialize in mild to severe acne treatments.

Laser Acne Treatment Price $250.00
Laser Acne treatment in our New York City, skin care Medi Spa, specializing in acne treatment for men,women and teenagers, without using any antibiotic creams, pills, or chemicals.
At our Medi Spa in New York City, we successfully treating mild to full blown pAcne skin conditions with high rate of success for the past 15 years by using the latest generation FDA approved cosmetic lasers. In addition to our laser treatments we also use advanced Acne Blue Light with Photo Facial treatments.

At Le Cachet Skin Care and Laser Center in New York City, we are able to eliminate acne in eight weeks, by treating our clients with a series of acne complex treatments. Some of the treatments requires treatments twice a week for four weeks.
Upon free consultation our highly experienced in acne treatments aestheticians will determine the stage of your acne and the best course of treatments, before treatments begins.
As we know, in order to treat acne successfully and achieve long term results, multiple treatments requires.
Therefore we make all effort to keep prices down, so our clients can afford the needed multiple treatments, in order to eliminate acne for good.. We also offer special discounted laser acne treatment packages.
Acne treatment NYC
Acne Facial Treatment Before
Acne facial treatment new york city
Acne Facial Treatment After
Please note,we also offer special discounted prices,for clients who need series of acne treatments.

Please call us for a free no obligation consultation:
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Our skin care department is open seven days a week from 11AM - 8PM

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