Full Service New York Holistic Day Spa, providing services for men and women, h Day and half Day's Spa packages, facials using vitamins, fruits and vegetable derived products, full body Crystal Scrubs, Body massages, Seaweed body wraps, Chinese Acupuncture, Manicure, Pedicure, in a high-tech massage Jacuzzi chairs.Le Cachet Spa signature the RejuvCocoon Thermal full body detox treatment.
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Facial Treatments Organic Skin Care

Organic Enzyme Peel Facial
Le Cachet Skin Care Treatments, Customized Facials for Men and Women,by using all organic Skin Care Products.
Most people wonder, what facial is the best for meÖ.????
Our Aestheticians will examine your skin, under a special magnified glass, based on your skin present condition and type, will design and perform a facial to address your present and long term facial needs. Using skin care products exclusively designed for your skin type. Highly recommended for all skin types.
Itís not what we want, itís what our skin needs!!

Le Cachet Skin Care Facial Treatments NYC |10016

ACNE Deep Pore Cleansing Facial, Price $200.00
This is a well designed customized advanced acne facial, dealing with the pAcne inflammations, deep pore cleansing, exfoliating using manual Microdermabrasion Magnesium Crystals. This acne facial is an intense acne busting facial using all organic skin care products.

45.Le Cachet Mini Facial Ĺ hour Price $75.00
Great facial treatment for corporate executives before important meetings or using your lunchtime for a quick cleansing. Le Cachet Dermabrasion crystal, will leave your skin fresh and young looking.

46. Le Cachet European Facial.
1 hour Price $120.00

This facial is perfect for combination or sensitive skin. Calming massage and cleansing help to hydrate and purify your skin.
Series of 6 receive 1 for free.

47. LeCachet Aloe Vera + Collagen Facial (Normal To Dry Skin.)
1 hour Price $150.00

Ultimate facial indulgence combines all the benefits of deep pore cleaning with specific neck,eye treatments,includes a luxurious rejuvenating hand massage.Series of 6 receive 1 for free.

8. Le Cachet Anti Aging Facial 1 hour $225.00
This is a well customized facial with European deep pore cleansing including exfoliation to rid the skin of comedones.
This deep pore cleansing treatment, will leave your skin clean refresh and youthful looking

Collagen Facial Treatment.
Price $195.00

Le Cachet Collagen Mask Facial with Microdermabrasion Crystal exfoliation rejuvenates and revitalizes your skin. This Summer Special Facial will leave your skin fresh, young and healthy looking. The Natural Collagen application revitalizes and replenishes your skin's collagen loss, which is responsible and essential for your skin's elasticity and youthful appearance.Intensive re-hydration of fatigued skin, cellular regeneration proven reduction of wrinkles and scars. Using a natural collagen Mask. Series of 6 receive 1 for free.

Recommended for all skin type!

51.Le Cachet Lymphatic Drainage Facial Treatment(face and neck only)
Price $200.00

The facial drainage massage,oxygenates the skin and purifies the Lymph, giving a radiant glow. The vacuum process reduces fine lines and improves blood circulation while supplying badly needed oxygen to
your newly grown skin cells. This procedure is being performed by using the most advanced computerized Skincare Station.
Highly recommended once a month.

Le Cachet Facial for Oily skin
1 hour Price $200.00

Great for skin that is oily or combination deep down but suffers from surface dryness. This deep pore cleansing facial includes Revenirís powerful anti-oxidant Vitamin C solution, reaches to the deepest levels of the skin to scavenge free radicals, solving
the problems of Fine Lines, Deep wrinkles, Rough Skin, Hyper pigmentation, Protecting against Photo-Aging. Highly recommended for oily skin

Series of 6 receive 1 for free.

Exclusive Facial for Men

1 hour $150.00

Your skincare consultant will choose the perfect facial treatment for your particular skin type.This is a well customized facial,incorporating exfoliation, hydration and deep pore cleansing,using manual microdermabrasion crystals,followed by an Elastin + Collagen mask to increase the texture and elasticity of the skin. Series of 6 receive 1 for free.

Le Cachet Organic Green Clay Facial for all skin type.
Price $200.00
1 hour

As your skin is cleansed and soothed,enjoy the art of Green Clay Therapy.With Pure crystals mixed with Magnesium and fruit acid will be used to exfoliate your skin.
Followed by a pure Green Clay mask application to promote healing and reduce oiliness. This is a perfect full facial to leave your skin super clean and healthy.

Natural Tea Tree Oil Facial Treatment
Price $200.00
*(Facial for Problematic skin.)

This facial is a professional skin care treatment for problematic skins.
Results are immediately visible with closed pores and clean skin. The Tea Tree oil absorbs the excess of he sebum and the skin is purified by the ingredients of the tea tree oil. Zinc contains marine silt regulates sebum metabolism. The willow leaves contain salicylic acid which contributes to reducing marks due to acne.This is a full and complete facial treatment.

Papaya Mango Facial
Price $200.00

Papaya Mango Exfoliating Facial treatment for Oily to Acne skin. Using special applications of Collagen Alginate, Papaya Extract Ė and Amino Acids
Papaya fruit contains Papain, a proteolytic enzyme that digests proteins of the dead cells located in the upper layers 0f the stratum corneum. This facial treatment also provides a regenerating factor promoting the turnover of the skin cells. It encourages Arginine and Proline synthesis, two amino acids know for activating dead skin cells.

Ginseg with Black Currant Facial(Anti Aging super facial) Price $200.00

Ginseng root has a long history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Collagen Alginate, Black currant and Ginseng, contains ginsenosides which assist in the renewal process of skin cells, with the Vitamin C stimulates the synthesis of collagen, facilitating the resistance and health of all tissues and contributing to elasticity and cellular renewal., lifting, Tonifying and brighten the skin. The black currant is produce from the fruit's marc made out of the fruit pulp, that shows a high level of anti-oxidant activity. Due to activation of microcirculation and richness in anthocyanins this facial treatment promotes healthy refreshed and glowing skin, creating a younger and healthy looking skin

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