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Enzyme Peel Facial Treatment

Facial Enzyme Peel for women

Facial Enzyme Peel for Men

Le Cachet Enzyme Peel Facial Treatment for Men and Women, Price $200.00
Le Cachet Enzyme Peel Facial Treatments, proven reduction of wrinkles and epidermal renewing.
This unique treatment designed for clients Men and Women over 30. It combats and repairs the effects of time with an immediate visible lifting effect. All Enzyme Peels, are made from pure organic fruit products, like Pomegranate, Yam, Pumpkins, Cranberry, Orange,Vitamin C.,Blueberry are selections of powerful ingredients that improves the structure of the skin. Firm it and diminish the appearance of wrinkles effectively, ”Remodeling” the face.

Series of 6 treatment receive 1 for free.

The Following Enzyme peels are available at Le Cachet Skin Care Spa:

1.Orange with Fruit Acid (AHA)-Enzyme Peel
2.Orange with Vitamin C.-Enzyme Peel
3.Pomegranate -Enzyme Peel
4.Yam-Pumpkin- Enzyme Peel
5.Blueberry - Enzyme peel
6.Paprika- Enzyme Peel
7.Cranberry-Enzyme Peel

Please note, after our aesthetician's will examine your skin, will be determined for which skin type which enzyme will be used.

All Enzyme Peel treatments are $200.00