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Ethnic and Black Skin Care Treatment in New York City,10016
Please note, we specialize in African American Skin Care Treatments.
Please Take advantage of our Discounted offers.
Le Cachet skin care and laser center,specializing in ethnic skin care and skin problems. We use organic skin care products, especially designed for African American skin. Successfully removing all dark spots,even toning dark pigmentation spots. Treating and resolving the most extreme skin conditions, by using advanced holistic skin care approach. Special approach to clear Acne from dark skin pigmentation.
Most people wonder, what facial is the best for me….????
Our aestheticians will examine your skin, under a special magnified glass and based on your skin present condition and type, will design and perform a facial to address your present and long term facial needs. Using products specifically designed for your skin type.
It’s not what we want, it’s what we need.!!

Prices ranges from $120 - $500.00 (depends on facials and products to be used.)

Acne Facial $200.00
This is a well designed customized advanced acne facial, with extractions,deep pore cleansing,dealing with the pAcne inflammations,exfoliating using manual Microdermabrasion Magnesium Crystals, which will lite up the dark pigmentation spots.This acne facial is an intense acne busting facial, using all organic skin care products.
Deep Clinical Peeling Facial Treatment.
Discounted Price $295.00 - Regular Price $500.00
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Black Skin Treatment NYC
Deep Pore Skin Peeling Treatment

This is a Deep Peeling Facial Treatment...A selection of natural algae with corals, being used to treat and peel damaged, acne prone problem skin, removes blemishes, especially beneficial for African Americans with problem skin,uneven dark pigmented spots. Peeling will continue for about 3-4 days after treatment without any side effects nor damaging skin cells. Eliminates most of the deeper epidermal problems, including dark and old remained acne scars, progressively stimulate the production of collagen, refine skin tone. Our natural Algae Peel, leaves your skin restored, hydrated, vibrant looking, and most importantly beautifully healthy.

Le Cachet Anti-Aging Collagen Facial Deep Pore Cleansing 1 hour $150.00
This is a well customized facial using natural collagen to revitalize tired sun damaged skin.An additional deep pore cleansing with exfoliation to rid the skin of comedones.This anti aging treatment will leave your skin clean and refresh.
Le Cachet Organic blueberry Facial for African American Skin. 1 hour $130.00
As your skin is cleansed and soothed, enjoy the natural fruit properties to enhance the beauty of your skin. With Pure crystals mixed with Magnesium and fruit acid will be used to exfoliate your skin.Followed by a pure blueberry mask application to promote healing and reduce oiliness. This is a perfect facial to leave your skin super clean and healthy.
Enzyme Peel Facial Treatments for African American skin, Men and Women $200.00
Le Cachet Enzyme Peel Treatments for exclusively black skin proven reduction of wrinkles and epidermal renewing.
This unique treatment designed for clients Men and Women over 30. It combats and repairs the effects of time with an immediate visible lifting effect. All Enzyme Peels are made from pure organic products, like Pomegranate, Yam, Pumpkins, Cranberry, Orange,Vitamin C.,Blueberry, are selections of powerful ingredients that improves the structure of the skin. Firm it and diminish the appearance of wrinkles effectively, ”Remodeling” the face.
Series of 6 treatment receive 1 for free.

The following Enzyme peels are being used exclusively for black and ethnic skin at Le Cachet skin care spa:

1.Yam-Pumpkin- Enzyme Peel
2.Cranberry-Enzyme Peel
3.Blueberry - Enzyme peel
4.Paprika- Enzyme Peel

Please note, after our aesthetician will examine your skin, will be determined which fruit enzyme to be used.
All Enzyme Peel treatments are $200.00

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Deep Pore Peeling Two Month Later