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Cellulite body treatment in New York City Day Spa,

We use the most advanced Cellulite treatment products and technology.
The cellulite treatment cocoon, designed to reduce and eliminate cellulite all over your body.We also use a selection of organic cellulite treatment spa products to wrap the body in order to eliminate or reduce body cellulite.
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Cellulite Treatment NYC & Body Slimming treatments

1 hours $150.00

It's important to mention, that the best way to achieve high results of reducing the amount of Cellulite is to decrease excess body fat by eating foods with less calories and fat,in addition to exercising.
We at Le Cachet Spa can achieve a great results by using a Cellulite treatment program. This treatment is specifically designed to reduce the effects of Cellulite and smooth skin's contours.Its unique formula includes exfoliating fruit acids to stimulate circulation and metabolic process, which improves the elimination of Toxins in the tissues.
Rich in algae, plankton and horse chestnut effective against fatty deposits,re-models the silhouette and improves the firmness of the skin.
Cellulite treatment in Manhattan Le Cachet Day spa we also use other active ingredients working together to help break down fatty deposits and firm the skin to give it a smoother appearance.
In order to achieve such results, we apply the following treatment products:

1.Anti-Cellulite Bath Foam with marine algae.
2.Anti-Cellulite Exfoliating Salt scrub
3.Thermo-Active Anti-Cellulite Fluid.
4.Anti-Cellulite Cream.
5.Intensive Waistline serum.
6.Termic wrap in a computerazed thermal blanket.

We also offer a high tech Cellulite body treatment in New York City in our RejuvThermal cocoon, a 21-st. Century technollogy,only found in Manhattan at Le Cachet Hollistic Day Spa.